Ground Moving Parts Specialists

RockForge has wide experience in the plant and machinery industry

Having been involved in the supply of plant and machinery spare parts for some years, and in the hire industry previous to that, WE saw a need in the marketplace for a specialist supplier of wear parts for larger earth-moving and excavation equipment.

RockForge was founded to meet specialist needs and is committed to providing a unique service in the marketplace, based on clear understanding of the challenges faced in the industry, and of the equipment available to meet those challenges.

Through a clear commitment to supplying only dependable quality products that can be relied on to perform, we set ourselves to be the partner of choice for those who value long-term success over short-term profits.

RockForge Wear Parts in Leighton Buzzard
Example of Ground Moving Dozer by RockForge
“We believe in breaking new ground and optimising the productivity of man and machine. In even the harshest conditions, we confidently move forward – in control and fully prepared to conquer the terrain.”


In our day-to-day business, we are guided by the values that underpin the RockForge brand. Values which define what we stand for and the experience we provide to our customers.


They’re simple, but these values serve to maintain high standards and reliable service. Service that ensures positive outcomes at the rock face!