The Expander Systemthe permanent solution to lug wear.

All machinery is subject to lug wear over time – resulting in  line boring, a costly repair & the dreaded word for anyone in the construction industry…DOWNTIME. Loose machine parts also cause a number of different problems affecting your productivity:

  1. Wear
  2. Shakiness
  3. Instability
  4. Vibrations
  5. Reduced Precision

The Expander System offers an advanced, cost effective solution that prevents pivot wear and removes the need for line boring, once and for all. Using the Expander system also means that repairs can be carried out directly in the worn mountings without welding, or line boring.

How the Expander System Works…as easy as 123!

  1. Installed directly into the existing mounting without expensive welding or line boring.
  2. When the fasteners are tightened, the washer presses the slotted expansion sleeve up the tapered ends of the pin.
  3. The Sleeves expand & conform to with the wear pattern, locking the system in the pivot lug.

This system offers by far the simplest & most economical way to resolve the problems with worn pivot lugs. the system is covered by lifetime guarantee (10 years/10,000 hours) and provides the longest lifespan for this type of repair. Double sided locking on the pins gives increased safety and they pins are also easy to remove & install. Long term tests have shown that the Expander System  can withstand 50,000 hours of use without developing any play.

What People Says About Expander…

“We use Expander System because we know it pays off”.

“Expander increases life spans thanks to less wear”.

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