5 Reasons to use Rubber Wear Blades

Waste & recycling centres play an important part in our community, processing & converting the waste we produce on a daily basis. In this environment the efficiency & “uptime” of machines, such as loading shovels that shift the waste around, is vital to ensure profitability. Therefore it is critical that the consumable wear parts used, give maximum wear life.

Typically, many waste & recycling centres across the UK, use standard consumables. Traditional bucket teeth and wear edges are unable to withstand the test of time whilst working within such an environment. These parts typically do not perform well over time and ultimately increase downtime and costs. There are numerous benefits to rubber wear parts.

5 issues we guarantee you face when using standard wear parts

  1. Fire risk – high risk of sparks caused by the metal wear edge scraping along concrete.
  2. Damage to the machine bucket (they don’t come cheap!) & you’re constantly replacing
    consumables such as the wear edge, teeth etc.
  3. Your concrete floor is getting damaged from having a metal blade constantly scrape over it
  4. Slips, trips & falls – caused by water/fluids on the floor.
  5. Constant noise of machines scraping along the floor.

The Solution: A Rubber Wear Blade

This is simply a section of rubber compressed onto & reinforced by steel rods, secured on a flat bar retaining plate.

These offer unparalleled durability & wear life compared to traditional wear parts. They are also reversible like a normal wear edge & actually clean the concrete floor for you.

Environmentally Friendly

100% recycled from truck & bus tyres….just a taster for you…

Reliability and Performance

Rubber has been on the market for a while now and offers many advantages. On average, rubber lasts about twice as long as steel under similar conditions, and contours to the surface because of its flexibility.


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