Benefits of Rubber Wear Parts

Example of rubber wear part in use

Rubber Wear Parts are DURABLE

Rubber sections are compressed onto 1-inch steel rods.

Secured every 12 inches throughout with flat-bar retaining plates.

Rubber Wear Parts are EASY to FIT

An Easy-slide channel, allows the operator to adjust the position of the bolts within the channel.

Means the bolts can match the existing bolt pattern.

Rubber Wear Parts are ADJUSTABLE

Grade 8 plow bolts with matching washers.

Slides into channel quickly & easily – eliminates hassle of fixing bolt pattern

Rubber Wear Parts are RECYCLED

100% of the rubber in each unit if recycled from post-consumer truck & bus tyres.

Rubber Wear Parts Benefits

  1. Preserves & cleans the concrete floor
  2. MASSIVELY reduces the fire risk caused by sparks
  3. Longer lifespan than hardened steel wear blades
  4. Protects floor from bucket damage
  5. Reduces noise

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